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We Ignite
Enterprise Technology
Cloud Native
Security Driven Digital
MLOps &
Data Science

We enable large enterprises to move faster, more efficiently, and to adapt to an evolving technology landscape.

Our Holistic Approach to Enterprise Modernization

We don't just navigate modernization; we ignite it. We take a holistic approach to transforming both technology and culture to drive successful digitalization efforts.

Construct Delivery Foundation
Scale Strategy
Ignite + Motivate
Align Leadership
Run Lighthouse Teams

Modernize Your IT Organization

We combine high-energy engineering change agents with the strategy and enablement of a modernized way of working to help you scale delivery of digital business value to your customers.

Enterprise Technology Modernization

Accelerate business results with a lean, value-driven approach to software delivery and IT operations.

Let Liatrio guide your technology transformation through our holistic approach to help your enterprise become a modern, technically-advanced, continuously improving organization.

  • Create a happier, more invested IT workforce

  • Modernize to product-focused, automation, and engineering-first mindset

  • Create alignment and collaboration between development & operations teams

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Platform Engineering

Accelerate software delivery and developer experience at scale

We partner with enterprises across all industries to modernize scaled software delivery by bringing leadership, amazing engineering talent, and technology enablement practices to large IT organizations.

  • Empower teams to deliver high-quality products efficiently and safely

  • Enable true as-a-service and self-service capabilities

  • Establish DevOps practices and Continuous Delivery throughout the enterprise

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Engineering Effectiveness

Build new Lean, Agile, and DevOps behaviors while delivering value to your business

We guide modern end-to-end engineering delivery practices and ways of working while building your products through immersive learning experiences.

  • Change in mindset and behaviors for both delivery teams and their leadership

  • Teach and reinforce knowledge to shift teams toward modern ways of working

  • Foster an immersive, distraction-free environment that allows teams to apply experiments and learnings

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Cloud Native Modernization

Empower your teams to build scalable apps in dynamic environments.

We guide enterprises to use robust automation with cloud native delivery, allowing engineers to make high-impact changes frequently and predictably with minimal toil.

  • Bring new ideas to market faster

  • Respond to customer demands sooner

  • Incorporate the concepts of DevOps, continuous delivery, microservices, and containers into cloud native development

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MLOps & Data Science

Accelerate and streamline development workflows for data scientists.

Address the gap left by missing critical quality and delivery capabilities associated with software development and modern DevOps practices.

  • Implement best-of-breed standards and practices

  • Create reliable, efficient, and secure ML systems

  • Improve the delivery of Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) services

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Security-Driven Digital Transformation

Seamlessly integrate security into everyday operations

We ensure security is a continuous, integrated process, helping organizations move beyond isolated security practices to a comprehensive, secure development lifecycle.

  • Embed security at every stage of the development process

  • Ensure continuous adherence to standards and regulations

  • Educate teams for proactive security management

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We equip enterprise IT organizations with the strategies and tools necessary to modernize technology effectively, ensuring agile, efficient, and innovative software delivery and IT operations.

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