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At Liatrio, we're excited to share our knowledge with the community, but we respect our team members' privacy. The engineer who authored this post would prefer to remain anonymous, however, let us tell you about our engineers in general.

Liatrio Engineers thrive in the fast-paced environment of solving complex technical challenges and have a passion for improving people, processes, and tools through constant feedback. Our Liatrio Engineers have broad experience with Jenkins, Maven, Git, Nexus, Perl/Python/Java, Groovy, Grunt, Gulp, Selenium, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and continuously seek new, improved and innovative tools to learn.

You can find a Liatrio Engineer engaging and educating our client on best practices of DevOps while developing solutions to enable push-button deployments from development to production. 

Look for our Engineers, they lead discussions at DevOps conferences across the nation.

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