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The opinionated Liatrio team shares their thoughts about DevOps, Lean Delivery Practices, delivery processes and technologies, and new developments in the industry.
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Navigating Your Path to the Ideal IDP: Backstage vs. Getport.io
DevOps Tools
This blog explores the vital role of internal development portals (IDPs) like Backstage and Getport.io in enhancing development workflows.
Jon Rudy
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GitHub API — Automate Everything!
DevOps Tools
This blog explores the diverse capabilities of the GitHub API beyond version control, detailing how it can enhance CICD environments. From cleanup tasks and data funneling to enforcing standardization and enabling self-service jobs, the API's versatility is showcased.
Devin Leaman
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ServiceNow is NOT a Developer Platform (iDP)
DevOps Tools
Exploring the limitations of ServiceNow in developer environments, this blog contrasts its rigid, ticket-based system with more agile developer portals, emphasizing the need for collaboration, rapid iteration, and developer autonomy in software development.
Mitchell Phillips
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How a Product Mindset and Customer Focus Can Increase Adoption of an Enterprise Software Delivery Platform
This blog emphasizes that successful platform engineering is not just about building tools, but about building the right tools in a way that resonates with users to increase the adoption of enterprise software delivery platforms.
Geoff Rayback
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Backstage by Spotify and the DevEx Revolution
DevOps Tools
"Backstage by Spotify and the DevEx Revolution" discusses Liatrio's approach to implementing Backstage for enterprises, focusing on enhancing developer experience and streamlining DevOps processes.
Connor Mulligan
Oliver Eikenberry
The logo for Google's Go programming language.
From Hack To Feature: The “tools.go” Pattern in Modern Go Development
DevOps Tools
The Go Tool Dependencies proposal is set to transition from a workaround to an officially supported feature, enhancing Go's handling of tool dependencies. This change promises a streamlined and reliable development workflow, aligning with modern software development needs.
Alex Ramsay