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The opinionated Liatrio team shares their thoughts about DevOps, Lean Delivery Practices, delivery processes and technologies, and new developments in the industry.
A sunset-colored oil and gas pipeline with a security scan icon overlaid
Security Essentials Every CI Pipeline Must Have!
Shifting security left improves security posture and helps reduce time to remediation. Here’s a list of some effective tools providing core capabilities for a secure CI pipeline.
Terraform 6 ways
What Is Terraform Used for? 6 Ways to Use Terraform
Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) tool that enables users to define and manage their cloud infrastructure in a declarative and reproducible manner.
Markdown examples floating on top of a laptop computer.
Better Markdown Means Better DevOps
Your Github READMEs and Pull Requests don't have to be boring. Here are 5 markdown features to help level-up repo docs and dev workflow.
Github Actions workflow diagrams
Github Actions For Everything: It Does More Than Build Code
Github Actions has a large set of “workflow triggers” that can be used to kick off new pipeline runs. Used in tandem with the Github Actions and APIs, workflows can be used to automate many parts of the SDLC beyond building and deploying code.
An illustration of a tree with a large trunk and numerous small branches, against a green gradient background.
GitOps: Defining the Best Infrastructure Pattern For You
A trunk-based GitOps approach enables users to deliver software more quickly and efficiently.
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Autoscaling Azure GitHub Runners — We Built Them So You Don’t Have To
Liatrio built an open-source solution for autoscaling self hosted GitHub Action Runners in Azure. We use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform to automate Azure autoscaling runners.