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How DevOps Is Useful in Digital Transformation

Today, we'll take an in-depth look at how DevOps is useful in digital transformation, and we'll offer a tool to help you become more agile.

DevOps Toolchain: What It Is and How to Build One

What's a DevOps toolchain? Why it's important to have one and practices and tools you can implement to your business.

How to Evolve DevOps to DevSecOps Effectively

What are DevOps and DevSecOps, their differences, their benefits, and how to make the transition successfully.

Culture Re-Ignite!

In this post, we'll discuss how Liatrio approaches re-igniting culture in the work place.

DataOps - DevOps For Data… Right?

Exploring the similarities (or differences) between DataOps and DevOps and the maturity of tooling.

Why Visual Studio Code is Important for Technical Setup and Onboarding

Being a Dojo coach has its challenges but Visual Studio Code makes it a little easier to onboard teams.

Just in Time Change Approvals Enabled by GitOps

This blog discusses how we’ve used GitOps for non-traditional software delivery patterns bringing typical use cases found outside the normal SDLC flow closer to the code.

Hybrid Dojos: The Perfect Mix of In-Person and Remote

In this post, we'll discuss a hybrid style Dojo and what to consider when implementing.

Liatrio Achieves Microsoft Gold Partnership for DevOps

Liatrio is proud to announce that it has achieved Microsoft Gold Partner Status.