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Liatrio Apprenticeship: Evolve Past Traditional IT Internships

As Liatrio continues to grow, we are continually seeking highly qualified engineers and consultants to help us expand the depth and breadth of our capabilities.

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GitHub DevOps Bootcamp

The Liatrio team has been working on perfecting our DevOps Engineering and DevOps Consulting internship programs since 2016. Building a DevOps bootcamp from scratch brings many unforeseen challenges.

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Building a Successful DevOps Bootcamp for Interns

College students are great! They’re young, hungry, and eager to do well in such a fast-paced environment like DevOps.

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First-Time Jenkins Use: Guidance, Tips, and Tricks

Being a DevOps intern has allowed me to get a real-world view of some essential tools such as Vagrant, AWS, Jenkins, Maven, and Nexus.