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Culture Re-Ignite!

In this post, we'll discuss how Liatrio approaches re-igniting culture in the work place.

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Gratibot — Liatrio’s Peer Recognition Chatbot

We'll explore how we use our peer recognition chatbot, Gratibot, to enhance Liatrio's company culture.

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Engineering Delivery Strategies: Insight into How Liatrio Builds High-Performing Product Teams

To show how high-performing product teams can work in practice, I’ll introduce a Liatrio internal engineering program called Flywheel.

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Using StrengthsFinder to Help Liatrio Build a Strengths-based Organization

We’re implementing StrengthsFinder at Liatrio, and we’re excited about what we’re doing to optimize the strengths of each team member.

A diagram of the 4 Tenets of Culture in a Transformed Delivery Organization — Collaborative, Accountable, Autonomous, and Resilient

Enterprise Transformation and Culture

The DevOps movement has long emphasized the importance of workplace culture, particularly focusing on the relationship between development teams and IT operations teams.