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How We Used Dojo Enablement with Platform Engineering Tools Migration

This playbook shows how Dojo can partner with platform engineering teams to enable delivery teams to adopt new tools and embed best practices into their way of working.

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What is Dojo Operations?

Driving engineering effectiveness is the core of the Dojo practice and the Dojo Operations role navigates the complex coordination required to deliver DevOps Dojos for the enterprise the right way.

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Why Visual Studio Code is Important for Technical Setup and Onboarding

Being a Dojo coach has its challenges but Visual Studio Code makes it a little easier to onboard teams.

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Hybrid Dojos: The Perfect Mix of In-Person and Remote

In this post, we'll discuss a hybrid style Dojo and what to consider when implementing.

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Executing Remote Dojos: Templates to Make Your Life Easier

Running a remote Dojo isn’t easy. But with these informative templates you can make the Dojo journey more efficient and effective.

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Remote Dojo Tech Setup: The lessons we've learned from running remote Dojos

We look into the tech we use when running remote Dojos that help us recreate the in-person experience as much as possible.