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A More Inclusive Approach to Recruiting and Hiring

Learn how Liatrio is revamping our hiring process with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Liatrio team member taking a photo with a guest at a DevOps Conference.

The New Hire Experience: DevOps Hiring and Onboarding at Liatrio

A challenging new role + a like-minded team = a great place to work.

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DevOps Onboarding at Liatrio

The Liatrio team is led by technology veterans with expertise in applying results-driven, lean software development principles and change management methodologies in order to transform the way our clients work.

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DevOps Hiring Success

At Liatrio, the interviewing and hiring process isn’t fast, and DevOps hiring success doesn’t come easily. Not every candidate fits the bill, and that’s how it should be.

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DevOps Hiring Process

Here, we’ll discuss the last three phases of that process and describe how we reach hiring decisions.

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DevOps Interview Process

Here, we’ll discuss the first three phases of the interview process.