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Modern Platform Engineering

Building reliable, secure and scalable platforms that enable application delivery teams and promote self-service requires an engineering-first mindset. Focus must shift away from firefighting and traditional tasks such as managing ticket queues, building servers and administering systems to providing platforms that support automation, observability and configuration management. Liatrio can help your organization implement the mindset, practices and tools necessary to build a modern platform engineering team.

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Our Modern Platform Engineering Services

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Platform Automa­tion and Infrastr­ucture as Code

Treat infrastructure as a product serving your application delivery teams. Drive consistency, predictability, and reliability by removing manual configuration.
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Kubernetes Enable­ment and Adoption

Enable your organization with scalable, repeatable Kubernetes clusters built in an automated, secure manner.
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An icon for Managed Delivery Platforms and Pipelines.

Managed Delivery Platforms and Pipelines

Your end-to-end delivery platform managed for you in a scalable, automated, self service capability by Liatrio experts.
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Cloud Migration

Complete solutions to efficiently migrate workloads to the cloud and see business results faster.
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Our Other Core Capabilities

An icon for Enterprise DevOps Transformation.

Enterprise Technology Modernization

Accelerate business results and scale your organization with a lean, value-driven approach to software delivery and IT operations.
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An icon for Cloud Native Delivery.

Cloud Native Delivery

Empower your teams to build scalable apps in dynamic environments and make high-impact changes frequently and predictably with little toil.
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Speed of delivery while always staying safe and secure in an automated way. Remove untimely, manual, last gate siloed approvals and validations.
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Data Science & MLOps

Modernizing data platforms for smarter decision making and improved operational efficiency through robust, cloud-native solutions that enhance data capabilities and drive competitive advantage.
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