Liatrio Delivery Model

Liatrio’s Enterprise Delivery Acceleration Model, Ignite, enables enterprises to undergo successful transformations by evolving gradually and holistically so they become continuously learning and improving organizations, all while sustaining the DevOps transformations.The Ignite Model is our battle tested guided approach to help enterprises through their technology delivery transformation. The model encourages quick action, behaviors built upon small success and guidance from both a top down and bottoms up perspective.

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Image of the Ignite Framework Diagram.

Ignite + Motivate

Jump start your organization with the information and goals to motivate action. Assess every technical and cultural aspect of your delivery practice to understand true reality and expectations for uplift


A light-weight and flexible plan of action to quickly start priming your organization towards new ways of delivering.
An icon for constructing delivery foundation.

Construct Delivery Foundation

Build the Delivery Foundation including end-to-end pipeline integration and automation to provide standardized engineering delivery and real-time, accurate metrics of software delivery.

Align Leadership

Work closely with both team leadership and executive management to understand and support the overall transformation.

Lighthouse Teams

Prove out the new way of working by immersing 3-4 product teams in the newly constructed Delivery Process.

Scale Strategy

Bundle previous successes into a scaled strategy and prepare to accelerate enterprise delivery transformation throughout the larger organization.


Build upon early successes and excitement and Accelerate the Transformation to every aspect of the Organization