Week-long Team Immersive Experience

Partner with Liatrio for a hands-on cloud native delivery workshop, transforming a legacy way of working via kubernetes and other modern delivery practices.
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A picture of the virtual Ignite Lab via Zoom.

The Ignite Lab offers a safe environment where Liatrio provides all the necessary resources to guide participants through an accelerated product delivery journey that leverages modern engineering techniques.

Participants will start with a monolithic enterprise application and, over the course of the workshop, they will containerize it, develop a continuous delivery pipeline orchestrated by ChatOps, and decompose the monolith into a number of microservices running in an Istio service mesh on a Kubernetes cluster.

The Ignite Lab 1-Week Breakdown

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Strong introduction into Docker and Kubernetes with hands-on labs/exercises covering best practices and things to avoid. Prepare to take a legacy monolithic application and establish it running in a container on Kubernetes.

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Continuous Delivery

Utilize ChatOps, CI/CD, and supporting tools such as Helm and Skaffold to build and run. Explore local development then learn how to deploy the newly containerized application to a k8s cluster in the cloud.

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Work through how a team actively develops or rearchitects an existing application. Utilize the Strangler Pattern and supporting tools like Istio to separate an existing service into a self-contained microservice.

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Discuss and work through deploying changes safely, using best practices and tools like Flagger. Practice this by adding a feature and deploying it safely using a canary deployment.

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Investigate tracing and other observability tooling to understand what the software is performing. Use tools such as Kiali, Grafana, and Prometheus to understand what is happening in the cluster.

I was concerned about training that was outside of our day-to-day work and executing these remotely, but Liatrio's Ignite Lab was so tailored to our specific work we gained so much experience from their 1 week training.
— VP of Engineering

Engineering Techniques Highlighted

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Gain an understanding of how to containerize an application and configure it to run on Kubernetes, using tools such as Skaffold and Helm.
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Continuous Delivery
Build continuous delivery pipelines to automate the build, test, and deployment of your containerized application. Techniques such as ChatOps will be used to demonstrate a frictionless developer experience.
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Decompose a monolithic application into microservices and use tools such as Istio to build a service mesh.
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Own the deployment and monitoring of your applications. Use techniques such as Canary Deployment and automated rollback to maintain quality while accelerating delivery.

Work with Tools Including

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Logo of Kubernetes software.
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Logo of Weaveworks software.
Logo of Istio software.
Logo of Skaffold software.
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Logomark of Liatrio Ignite Lab.
Logo of Grafana software.
Logo of Kiali software.
The lab exercises were smooth flowing and the fact that everything was being handled in Slack was literally mind-blowing. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone trying to learn Kubernetes 101 and explore the "ease" of DevOps in practice — this team knows it!
— Chief Data Scientist

The Ignite Lab Offers Your Team:

  • Modeling Modern Software Delivery
  • Solving Real Enterprise Challenges
  • Hands-On Coding
    (no hello world exercises!)
  • Mob Programming
  • Small Group Hacking
  • Individualized Coaching
  • Comprehensive & Immersive Technical Learning
  • High-Touch Guidance with Our Engineers

And Your Team Will Depart Knowing:

  • How to Understand a Software Delivery Machine
  • How to Turn a Monolith into a Microservice
  • How to Build a CI / CD Pipeline
  • Applicable Knowledge About Modern Software Delivery Team Practices and Collaboration Techniques
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