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Liatrio team members pose for a photo at DevOps Days in Austin, Tx.
June 4, 2019

Liatrio Participation in Devopsdays and Other DevOps Conferences

Active involvement and leadership in events like DevOpsDays enables our team to stay at the forefront of the industry and share best practices.

2019 for Liatrio has already been a busy year when it comes to our team’s participation in and speaking engagements at various DevOps community conferences and events around the country, including DevOpsDays. Liatrio has a standard practice of encouraging every member of the team to participate in a minimum of three conferences a year in order to carve out focused time for learning and community participation.

Active involvement and leadership in these events enable our team to stay at the forefront of the industry and give back by sharing best practices with our peers.

Participation in DevOpsDays

So far this year, our team has already participated in 5 DevOpsDays conferences (New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Austin), and we plan to attend three more later this year (Columbus, Dallas, and Minneapolis). (DevOpsDays is a worldwide series of technical conferences covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them.)

Liatrio team at DevOps Days

At DevOpsDays Baltimore and DevOpsDays Austin, not only did our team participate but a couple folks from our team, Christine Sills and Bjorn Edwin, did a fabulous job of presenting on topics that they specialize in and are passionate about.

As the keynote speaker at DevOpsDays Baltimore, Christine Sills shared her experience around instilling a DevOps way of working in large enterprises in order to help those enterprises transform the culture of their teams and the entire organization. Christine is a delivery consultant with a focus on program and change management, and in her talk she explains that enterprise transformation isn't easy, but it's worth it. In the end, individual team members achieve personal growth and development, the team experiences rapid high-quality delivery, and the entire organization becomes customer obsessed. You can check out Christine's presentation deck here.

Christine Sills at Devopsdays Baltimore
Christine Sills, DevOpsDays Baltimore

Bjorn Edwin leads our Dojo practice at a large financial client and has been instrumental in building out our Dojo offerings and various styles of Dojos. In his talk at DevOpsDays Austin, he introduced attendees to the Dojo concept as a vehicle for enterprise transformation; described how the Dojo is focused on DevOps culture, tools, and pipeline execution; and explained how to kick off a Dojo. This talk was especially well received due to the widespread industry focus around Dojos. We believe Dojos are a great way for enterprises to upskill their teams and help them work toward better delivery practices.

Bjorn Edwin's presentation "Start your own DevOps Dojo in 8 Simple Steps"
Bjorn Edwin, DevOpsDays Austin

Participation in Other DevOps Conferences

Apart from DevOpsDays, Liatrio also prioritizes other leading DevOps conferences like Monitorama, JFrog, DevOps World | Jenkins World, DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES), Kubecon, and Hashiconf. Our team has a very active presence in these conferences and we have a lot of fun showing up in numbers, making some lasting connections, spreading the word about DevOps, and helping enterprises get better at delivery.

Liatrio is a small firm that aims to truly impact enterprises in their transformation, and our team has reached a size where we can finally have the time and the ability to proactively plan for conference participation, pitch some great topics, and share our journey and all that we’ve learned with our peers and the broader community. And we have fun while we're at it!

Liatrio team members on the streets in Austin, Tx.

Our motto: show up, learn as much as we can, and give back.

I couldn't be prouder of our team, and I'm looking forward to more speaking engagements in the future for team Liatrio. If you see us at an upcoming conference, be sure to stop by and say hello! And please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments!

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