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October 17, 2019

Making a Case for Enterprise Technology Transformation — White Paper

We're sharing enterprise technology transformation insights via a series of white papers. The first is "Making a Case for Enterprise Transformation."

For the last few years, Liatrio has had the privilege of helping out our large Enterprise customers on their transformation journey and it's been a privilege to collaborate with them to come up with various strategies and practices to help solve the many small and big items that make up a transformation at scale.

During this time, we have been carefully studying trends and observing similar challenges and problems coming up time and again and we now have enough data to start putting together our version of how an Enterprise can take on a technology transformation and keep up with the demands of the market.

We have summarized all of our learning’s into a series of white-papers which cover topics ranging from exploring Why Enterprises Need to Transform to What techniques to apply for a successful Transformation to How to make a transformation succeed and make it stick over many years.

Today, we are happy to release the first of them — Making a Case for Enterprise Technology Transformation — that goes into the details around why Enterprises need to transform, what stops them from transforming and what areas to look for to make a firm case for the need for a concentrated effort.

We are hoping that these series of white-papers will provide a substantive window in Liatrio’s philosophy around Enterprise Transformations and how we can help our clients realize their goals around their transformation journey.

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