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Rode Enables Enterprise Automated Governance

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Rode is an open source project maintained by Liatrio as a means to facilitate the conversation around Automated Governance and Policy as Code. We are actively developing solutions to meet the needs of our Enterprise clients and believe Rode helps frame our points of view around these core capabilities within the secure software supply chain.

Secure Your Software Supply Chain

A gif demonstrating metadata collection.A screenshot of Rode demonstrating metadata collection.

Metadata Collection

Collect metadata from events that occur during the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC)

Policy as Code

Rode uses 'Rego", an industry standard CNCF policy language to evaluate resource metadata.
A gif demonstrating resource evaluation.A screenshot of Rode demonstrating Policy as Code.
A gif demonstrating policy enforcement. A screenshot of Rode demonstrating policy enforcement.

Policy Evaluation and Enforcement

Automate enforcement of controls within the software release process
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Why Automated Governance?

As we improve our automation in CI and CD, the remaining manual stages become very visible as bottlenecks in delivery.

If we build automation capable of deploying to production in 5 minutes, even the smallest manual stage could be a bottleneck.

Enterprises often maintain governance systems which include manual stages such as review of application artifacts, validation of test results, documentation, or security scans.

We work diligently to automate software builds, tests, and deployments, but we need to improve the entire delivery system; including governance or change control processes.

Automated Governance and Policy as Code at Liatrio

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