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Modern Platform Engineering

Platform Automat­ion and Infrastru­cture as Code

Describing and managing your infrastructure as code (IaC), versioned alongside your application source, sets the stage for consistent, scalable and predictable automated deployments. Configuration drift is reduced and traceability is increased when infrastructure changes are performed by automated pipelines instead of manual steps. We are experts in implementing practices like IaC and GitOps, from uplifting platforms and operations teams to implementing specific tools like Terraform and Ansible. Let us help you transition from managing pets to managing cattle.

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Our Other Modern Platform Engineering Services

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Kubernetes Enable­ment and Adoption

Enable your organization with scalable, repeatable Kubernetes clusters built in an automated, secure manner.
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Managed Delivery Platforms and Pipelines

Your end-to-end delivery platform managed for you in a scalable, automated, self service capability by Liatrio experts.
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Cloud Migration

Complete solutions to efficiently migrate workloads to the cloud and see business results faster.
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