About Liatrio

We help your technology transformation succeed.

Our Purpose

Liatrio is a catalyst for change. We enable our customers to deliver value faster and safer by empowering people, teams, and organizations through modern DevOps practices and Cloud technologies. 

We do this by bringing deep industry experience, engineering excitement, and a vested interest in our customers’ success — which becomes a foundation for continuous improvement.

We embody and foster a culture of empathy, authenticity, and transparency. We focus on delivery and always ensure that our talent brings passion and excitement to our customers.

A picture of Liatrio holding an in-progress DevOps Dojo.

The Tao of Liatrio

The Tao of Liatrio is the foundational values that guide our work, vision, strategy, and delivery for ourselves and our clients. We carry these philosophies in mind at all times to guide our decision making, inspire us to always bring our best selves, and to understand why we work the way we do.

Become an Ally for Our Customers

  • We challenge our customers through empathy and positive leadership. We act as change agents to help them accomplish their goals.
  • Many principles and technologies we introduce are new to our customers. We don’t work with our clients to “be right”, we help them understand why something is right for them.
  • Our customers know their business better than we do. We listen and learn in order to create mutual outcomes WITH clients, not just for them.
  • We understand that we aren't the hero, we’re the advisor/mentor. We’re not Luke Skywalker, we’re Yoda.
  • Technology is never in a final state; it’s always on a road of improvement. Transformation isn’t a destination, it’s a never-ending journey.
  • Behavioral and cultural practices are also not permanently set. We help our customers continuously improve not only on an organizational level, but on a holistic and personal level too.
  • Prioritizing improvement of a system’s overall flow yields the greatest benefit in delivery improvement. Once faster flow is achieved, it’s easier to solve individual problems.

Continuous Improvement

Culture of Feedback

  • We advocate for fast feedback, through Proof of Concept (PoC), a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), or any other similar approach. Fast feedback allows us to gauge progress and make small, iterative moves aligned to what the feedback is signaling.
  • We work to prove or disprove an idea as early as possible in order to best adjust our approach to a problem.
  • While mistakes (technical and non-technical) do happen, we look at them as learning opportunities.
  • Celebrating wins is equally important to teams and delivery work too. We make sure to pause and celebrate when the team wins.
  • Strong Opinions means that we are confident in our positions and stand behind them — we are passionate, motivated, and informed in our professional opinions.
  • Loosely Held means that we are always willing to challenge our opinions and can listen to and collaborate respectfully with other points of view. Source

Strong Opinions, Loosely Held

Community Builders

  • Community is critical for the success of software development. We strive to create, enhance, and build community wherever possible.
  • We use collaborative tools such as Slack, Confluence, JIRA, etc. in order to encourage the behavior of excessive transparency and oversharing — thus allowing everyone to have situational awareness.
  • Open source encourages community building and adds immediate value for our clients and ourselves. We embrace open source in both tools and mindset.