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About Liatrio

We Help Your Technology Transformation Succeed.

Think of us as your Change Agents. We're the Consulting Firm You Won't Hate.

Liatrio is a collaborative, end-to-end Enterprise Delivery Acceleration consulting firm that helps enterprises transform the way they work. We work as boots-on-the-ground change agents, helping our clients improve their development practices, react more quickly to market shifts, and get better at delivering value from conception to deployment.

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Everybody says they’re different. We actually are. Here’s why.


Our tech veterans have the DevOps experience needed to evolve people, processes, products, culture, and tools. We set enterprises up for success so they can accelerate delivery and become high-performing technology organizations.


Enterprise work is at our core. We work with global 500 organizations that have a long history of market dominance. These organizations are attempting to grow their businesses while fending off long-time competitors and new players in the industry. They know they need to revamp their way of working to speed innovation and deliver world-class products to the market more rapidly. These organizations turn to us for guidance and support.


We drive change at both the Leadership and Team levels. We guide our customers in making the best possible technology transformation decisions at the organizational level. We also roll up our sleeves to help enterprises build high-performing delivery teams. We work side by side with our enterprise partners to uplift teams and their leadership to new heights so that over time they can continue their Enterprise Delivery Acceleration on their own.

Our Team of Leaders


Chris Blackburn

Chris is the founder, CEO, and Principal Consultant of Liatrio. Prior to starting Liatrio, Chris spent over two decades consulting with enterprise customers in the areas of software development and delivery, which ultimately led him into the world of DevOps. Chris uses his experience to drive Delivery Acceleration through DevOps and Lean Delivery Practices 

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Ravi Kalaga

Ravi is Co-Founder at Liatrio and is accountable for the Consulting Practice of Liatrio. He is the spear for all DevOps Transformation and Enterprise Acceleration efforts that Liatrio leads.  He drives transformation directly at the client while holding fast to proven DevOps and Lean practices.

An illustration of AWS Container Hero Casey Lee.


Casey Lee

With a background in software development, Casey has spent the past 20 years architecting, building, and supporting software systems for organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. He was recognized as an AWS Container Hero (only 7 world-wide) for his experience and contributions to the community.

Our Team of Industry Experts

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