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Culture Re-Ignite!

In this post, we'll discuss how Liatrio approaches re-igniting culture in the work place.
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As many companies consider the details of bringing teams back to the office, Liatrio has been working hard to help companies and teams be more successful with the transition. We know from our own experiences that physically connected workers increase delivery speed and quality of software but one major concern leaders should be aware of is the potential anxiety of team members returning to work.

The majority of technology employees recently surveyed* admitted they felt anxious about returning to the workplace and the move from a pandemic working remote world to a post-pandemic ‘back to the office’ world.

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This anxiety is related to not only safety, but social interactions with others, how to handle spontaneous work between team members, and how to build relationships across the organization. Additionally, we have many people who were hired or have transitioned positions during the pandemic that likely have never met their co-workers, leaders, or been to the company's physical location(s).

Over 90% of teams have shifted or changed in the last 18 months of the pandemic and are most likely going to struggle as they return back to physical workspaces and try to restart collaborative teamwork.

Culture Re-Ignite Offering

Liatrio has an offering that can help! We are a leader for Enterprises, increasing developer teams’ productivity and improving code quality. By using our proven immersive team learning methods, we can bring employees together, enable them to work more effectively, and reduce the anxiety of returning to work.

This re-ignite begins with meeting teams at their physical locations. From there, we identify team-specific areas of learning and opportunities for improvement and create a custom re-ignite plan for that team. This is structured to help resolve any obstacles or challenges as well as including plenty of team re-building activities from ice breakers to social setting events.

While tackling these exercises as a team, it fosters a culture of unity, team mentality, and inclusiveness, to support a realignment on what’s most important to the organization and its values. Along the way, the teams can expect to discover an increase in delivery velocity, team morale, and efficiency which results in fewer errors and ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction.

As leadership is determining the process for having teams return to the office, now is the perfect time to reach out to Liatrio so we can help elevate your teams to the next level and re-ignite the excitement for coming back to the office.

Having run hundreds of successful Dojos in the past and present, our coaches at Liatrio have the hands-on expertise to lead and enable any team through an engaging and thoughtful immersive learning experience.

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Liatrio is a collaborative, end-to-end Enterprise Delivery Acceleration consulting firm that helps enterprises transform the way they work. We work as boots-on-the-ground change agents, helping our clients improve their development practices, react more quickly to market shifts, and get better at delivering value from conception to deployment.