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Liatrio Achieves Microsoft Gold Partnership for DevOps

Liatrio is proud to announce that it has achieved Microsoft Gold Partner Status.
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Liatrio, a pioneer in enterprise DevOps, is proud to announce that it has achieved Microsoft Gold Partner Status. By achieving Gold Partner Status for DevOps, Liatrio has demonstrated the highest level of technical excellence for DevOps engineering on the Azure platform.

Liatrio has been helping clients accelerate application delivery on Azure and the Microsoft Gold Status Partnership for DevOps offers greater opportunity for Liatrio to help clients realize the most value from their investment in Microsoft cloud technologies.

Gold certified partners uniquely position themselves in Microsoft's widely-recognized partnership program and gain access to the latest Microsoft technology products and services, as well as ongoing enablement and training. With our approach to uplifting DevOps culture, tools and processes in the enterprise, Liatrio is well positioned to differentiate itself in the partner ecosystem.

Liatrio has plans to achieve further Microsoft Certified Partner Gold competencies in the
coming year.

Where Can Liatrio Help?

AKS Adoption and Enablement

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is an enabling platform for adopting DevOps practices in the enterprise, but it is only part of the equation. Successful migration of enterprise applications to cloud native design on AKS requires in-depth knowledge and expertise to tie the right pieces together. Adopting AKS in the enterprise will require a holistic approach, from cultural transformation to platform engineering to DevOps toolchain enablement. Our team of Azure certified DevOps engineers, Kubernetes experts, and cloud professionals are well versed in working with large complex organizations to adopt Kubernetes and automate cloud infrastructure. As DevOps pioneers, we understand what it takes to adopt a cloud native approach to building and running applications on Kubernetes.

App Modernization

Legacy applications with code that is difficult to change can be costly to maintain and slows down the delivery of features to customers. By modernizing your applications and empowering developers, you can reduce technical debt and get the most value out of your cloud investment. From platform automation to developer coaching and everything in between — we have the expertise to cover the entire spectrum of Azure cloud solutions. Liatrio partners with IT leaders and architecture teams in large enterprises to transform application delivery, migrate to infrastructure-as-code and empower developers to accelerate delivery.

Cloud Migration

Enterprises need a strategy for secure adoption of cloud services in order to remain competitive and not leave the business benefits of public cloud behind. Oftentimes this means balancing short-term tactical cloud adoption activities with long-term strategy for the entire portfolio of enterprise applications and services. In order to cope with the dynamic nature of public cloud operations, where everything is defined in software, it is critical to adopt an “as-code” approach to the management of templates, policies, deployments and configurations. We are experts in helping enterprises adopt the engineering-first and automation focused mindset that is required to embrace the “as-code” approach when migrating to Azure cloud.

Why Partner with Microsoft?

Liatro works with clients at all stages of cloud and DevOps adoption and we are always looking for new opportunities to help our clients on their transformation journey. Partnering with Microsoft better positions us to unlock benefits for clients considering adoption of Azure cloud services, whether it be migration cost reduction, accelerated adoption or direct support from Microsoft engineers. Pursuing Advanced Specializations (eg. Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure) in the partnership program will only provide further value to our clients.

We also believe Microsoft has crafted a more compelling narrative for hybrid cloud and unified operations. Recent announcements at Ignite 2021 only further highlight continued focus by Microsoft on hybrid capabilities, with Azure Arc in the limelight. Many organizations will focus initially on the adoption of public cloud for low-risk/high-value use cases, operating in a hybrid cloud model for the foreseeable future. It is simply not cost-effective to recreate capabilities on-premise that are already inherent with public cloud. Extending these tools and capabilities to on-premise environments will better position enterprises to be successful in a hybrid operating model and accelerate adoption of cloud operating paradigms.

Lastly, we at Liatrio are big advocates and regular contributors to many open source projects. Microsoft’s profound transformation to becoming one of the largest open source contributors in the world resonates strongly with us.

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