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Why We Created the Ignite Lab

We created our Ignite Lab to give enterprise customers a hands-on experience of how transformation could actually work in their world.
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After spending the past 20+ years in the software development space, I have enjoyed being a part of many large-scale technology transformations.  Along the way, I learned that the most successful companies are also the ones who can deliver software the fastest.  As a result, I am passionate about working with enterprises to help them become world-class technology shops.  I joined Liatrio for the opportunity to lead our engineering practice in guiding enterprises deliver software faster through cloud native development and delivery techniques.

One of the biggest struggles we see is that enterprises have a hard time envisioning what their technology transformation should actually look like. Legacy enterprise-scale solutions are bureaucratic and complicated, today’s cloud landscape is now even more complex, and large consulting firms and tooling and platform vendors tend to promise overly simplistic solutions. Sales demos often show how their tools execute on “hello world” apps, and these demos don’t align with real-world enterprise complexity. More to the point, they don’t come cheap, and they don’t make enterprise development organizations any better.

What enterprises end up with is more trouble. They launch huge, lift-and-shift public “cloud migrations,” which lead to exploding costs, or they get locked into inflexible vendor on-prem “cloud solution” platforms and tools that may not make sense for their short- and long-term business needs. In either case, the result is little improvement in delivery performance and added customer value.

What enterprises need is to refactor and re-platform their applications to take full advantage of scalable infrastructure. Instead of retrofitting, they need to rethink and rebuild their technology using a cloud native approach.

Cloud Native Delivery for the Enterprise: How to Get Started

Enterprises know that they need to adopt modern engineering practices to compete and grow market share. The challenge is understanding how to apply these modern engineering practices inside an enterprise reality.

Liatrio helps large enterprises make a transformational shift in how they deliver value to their customers by helping enterprises truly adopt a cloud native, modern development and delivery practice.

Our boots-on-the-ground consulting practice focuses on the enterprise, speaks to the enterprise reality, and guides technology leaders and engineers on a journey towards transformation. To that end, we created our Ignite Lab to give our enterprise customers a hands-on experience on how transformation could actually work in their world. No simplistic demos, no “hello world” examples – just true, modern, cloud native delivery for the enterprise.

The Liatrio Ignite Lab LEAD tech stack diagram

We spent the last 3 months applying Liatrio’s opinionated solutions and practices to create this tooling- and platform-agnostic Ignite Lab. Our aim is to share our cloud native knowledge and enterprise transformation experience with the community to give them the confidence to start their own modernization efforts for their teams and the entire IT organization. Participants will learn how smaller, more nimble organizations transform (hint: they rethink and rebuild instead of blindly and unintentionally recreating old ways of doing things) while taking into account the complexity, security, reliability that is a reality at enterprise organizations.

For example, how do you take a difficult monolith and refactor it at a DevOps/iterative pace? How do you modernize, adapt, and evolve your core infrastructure solutions? How do you manage deployments, rollbacks, and security? In our Ignite Lab, we show technology leaders and engineers real-world strategies to build excitement, motivate teams about transformation, and help teams solidify transformation goals and methodologies.

Liatrio Ignite Lab :Accelerated:

The Ignite Lab is a 2-4 week-long engagement. In the near term, we’re running the Ignite Lab Accelerated, which condenses the Ignite Lab into a single day to provide a sampling of how the lab works and how it benefits enterprise teams. We’ll show our opinionated approach to technology transformation, enabling technology leaders to help their enterprises become modern, technologically advanced, continuously improving organizations. This lab offers a hands-on environment for building cloud native applications with modern engineering techniques such as containers, continuous delivery, microservices, and DevOps.

To be clear, this isn’t a workshop to build a “hello world” application. Participants will be dealing with real challenges that an enterprise faces when applying cloud native architectures to their legacy monolithic applications.

I’m so excited to share the Ignite Lab with the community! I am sure that the techniques that we demonstrate in the lab will give participants the confidence and energy they need to begin applying cloud native delivery practices at their own organization. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if would like your team to participate in one of our upcoming one-day Ignite Labs!

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Liatrio is a collaborative, end-to-end Enterprise Delivery Acceleration consulting firm that helps enterprises transform the way they work. We work as boots-on-the-ground change agents, helping our clients improve their development practices, react more quickly to market shifts, and get better at delivering value from conception to deployment.