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Full day team immersive experience

Partner with Liatrio for a hands-on cloud native delivery workshop, transforming a legacy way of working via kubernetes and other modern delivery practices.

Liatrio's Ignite Lab offers a safe environment where Liatrio provides all the necessary resources to guide participants through an accelerated product delivery journey leveraging modern engineering techniques. 

Participants will start the day with a monolithic enterprise application. Over the course of the workshop, they will containerize the application, develop a continuous delivery pipeline orchestrated by ChatOps, and decompose the monolith into a number of microservices running in an Istio service mesh on a Kubernetes cluster.

Enterprises already know that they need to adopt modern engineering practices to compete and grow market share...The challenge is knowing HOW to apply these modern engineering practices.

Engineering techniques highlighted:

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Participants will gain an understanding of how to containerize an application and configure it to run on Kubernetes using tools such as Skaffold and Helm.

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Continuous Delivery

Participants will build continuous delivery pipelines to automate the build, test, and deployment of their containerized application.  Techniques such as ChatOps will be used to demonstrate a frictionless developer experience.

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Participants will decompose a monolithic application into microservices and use tools such as Istio to build a service mesh.

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Participants will own the deployment and monitoring of their applications. They will use techniques such as A/B testing and automated rollback to maintain quality while accelerating delivery.

This is not a workshop to build a “hello world” application. You will be dealing with real challenges that enterprises face when applying cloud native architectures to legacy, monolithic applications. Prepare to be challenged during and highly motivated by the end of this workshop.

Ignite Lab Experience

Our hands-on lab will take participants on a journey of architecting, building, deploying, and securing an application in a cloud native environment. We introduce you to the tools and show you how to maintain the health of your cloud native platform.

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A photograph of an in-person Ignite Lab.
A photograph of an in-person Ignite Lab.

Who should attend?

Technology Leaders

Are you a technology leader challenged by the demand to deliver faster, yet unable to experiment with modern practices as a result of organizational constraints?

Technology Leaders will learn how these modern techniques look and work so they can have even more meaningful conversations with their engineering staff.  These leaders are seeking additional exposure to the latest delivery practices and more opportunities to better guide, lead, and drive their engineers.

We show leaders why and how these modern techniques work in practice, including what a modern delivery team should be focusing on and why. Leaders will leave the ignite lab with the latest understanding of modern cloud-native delivery in the enterprise combined with a new direction and strategy to more effectively lead their engineering staff.


Are you an engineer interested in leveling up your cloud native engineering skills, yet haven't had the time, permission, or direction?

Engineers will gain knowledge and experience in modern software delivery techniques to accelerate their team’s product delivery. These engineers are aware of various cloud-native engineering methods and are looking to confirm how and where to put them fully into practice internally when faced with organizational constraints.

 We show engineers what techniques and knowledge will help them modernize their existing applications. Engineers leave the Ignite Lab armed with cloud native practices to accelerate their own product delivery and empowered to speak to their leadership about a better way.