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Helping enterprises achieve their Technology Transformation goals.
The opinionated Liatrio team shares their thoughts about DevOps, Lean Delivery Practices, delivery processes and technologies, and new developments in the industry.
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DevOps as a Service, Explained in Detail
We can define cloud transformation as the process of transitioning the company's digital assets, from on-premises infrastructure to cloud.
An automated car assembly line in a factory.
A Leader's Guide to DevOps Adoption
There's still a need to get to know DevOps adoption more in depth and its importance for technology organizations. We'll address the topic in this post.
An abstract representation of a monolith cube being broken apart into microservice cubes.
Application Modernization: A Leader's Guide to App Mod
Read an overview of legacy applications and the benefits of application modernization and some best practices in order to do this.
Liatrio Blog Series, Github Advanced Security, Part 2: Secret Scanning
GitHub Advanced Security — Secret Scanning
Exploring the different aspects of GHAS secret scanning, why it's important for data security, and how to utilize it.
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Take Action to Measure Your App’s Performance!
Leverage GitHub Actions and Gatling to measure your application’s performance.
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We rebuilt Azure CAF in Terraform so you don’t have to!
In this introduction of Liatrio’s Terraform Azure CAF implementation we introduce the founding principles of our module, as well as some of the benefits it provides.