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DevOps Architecture: What You Need for DevOps to Work

Talking about DevOps architecture may seem strange if you aren't a developer; so in this post, we'll describe what that means.

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DataOps — DevOps For Data… Right?

Exploring the similarities (or differences) between DataOps and DevOps and the maturity of tooling.

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Just in Time Change Approvals Enabled by GitOps

This blog discusses how we’ve used GitOps for non-traditional software delivery patterns bringing typical use cases found outside the normal SDLC flow closer to the code.

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How DevOps Is Useful in Digital Transformation

We take an in-depth look at how DevOps is useful for enacting digital transformation in large enterprises.

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DevOps Toolchain: What It Is and How to Build One

What's a DevOps toolchain? Why it's important to have one and practices and tools you can implement to your business.

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Liatrio Achieves Microsoft Gold Partnership for DevOps

Liatrio is proud to announce that it has achieved Microsoft Gold Partner Status.