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Take Action to Measure Your App’s Performance!

Leverage GitHub Actions and Gatling to measure your application’s performance.

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Avoid 503 Errors — Stop Putting Off Performance Testing

In a typical enterprise, many important tests are often delayed due to manual processes and bureaucratic red tape. These delays can have a big impact on delivery schedules.

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Taking Quality Back Through Quality Engineering Transformation

In the age of lean agile continuous delivery, is there also a leaner, more agile approach to QA? And if so, what does a lean approach to QA look like?

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Retro QA Practices Lead to QA Testing Flaws

Is a retro approach to QA cramping your enterprise transformation? Lots of ’80s trends are in style, but old-school approaches won’t work for your transformation.

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Why Enterprise Quality Is Broken (and Why Many Enterprises Have No Idea)

Today, achieving enterprise quality is an ongoing struggle. Various reasons for this struggle include a lack of engineering focus around quality and too great a focus on delivery dates and tools over frameworks.

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Bobcat Test Framework as an AEM-Focused UI Testing Framework

Bobcat test framework is an AEM-centric product that offers a lot of features that help to drive page test automation.