InnerSource as an Enterprise Accelerator to Build a Culture of Collaboration

We’ll talk about what InnerSource is, how it works, and why enterprise organizations should embrace it. We’ll also share tips about how organizations can get started.

Avoid 503 Errors — Stop Putting Off Performance Testing

In a typical enterprise, many important tests are often delayed due to manual processes and bureaucratic red tape. These delays can have a big impact on delivery schedules.

Taking Quality Back Through Quality Engineering Transformation

All this begs two questions: In the age of lean agile continuous delivery, is there also a leaner, more agile approach to QA? And if so, what does a lean approach to QA look like?

Retro QA Practices Lead to QA Testing Flaws

Is a retro approach to QA cramping your enterprise transformation? Lots of ’80s trends are in style, but old-school approaches won’t work for your transformation.

Why Enterprise Quality Is Broken (and Why Many Enterprises Have No Idea)

Today, achieving enterprise quality is an ongoing struggle. Various reasons for this struggle include a lack of engineering focus around quality and too great a focus on delivery dates and tools over frameworks.

SonarQube Continuous Inspection as a High-Visibility Tool

SonarQube continuous inspection is an open-source tool that provides extensive code quality analysis, shows code coverage by unit tests, and displays integration test reports.

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