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August 6, 2019

DevOps Pioneer John Willis Joins Liatrio as a Strategic Advisor

DevOps pioneer John Willis will serve as a strategic advisor to Liatrio. Willis is the co-author of Beyond the Phoenix Project and The DevOps Handbook.

I’m excited to announce that DevOps pioneer and community leader John Willis will serve as a strategic advisor to Liatrio. Many of you know John as the co-author of The DevOps Handbook and Beyond the Phoenix Project or have heard some of his great conference talks while he rocks his signature tee shirt. For the past decade, John’s work, writing, and speaking engagements have focused on elevating work culture, exceeding productivity goals, and increasing profitability through DevOps practices. More than that, he is that rare engineer’s engineer - Engineers love him because he’s not only smart but also highly technical, collaborative, and relatable. Only a handful of people have his industry knowledge, and we’re thrilled he has chosen to contribute his expertise to our efforts.

Beyond The Phoenix Project and The DevOps Handbook

At Liatrio, we guide large enterprises through successful technology transformations by modernizing engineering organizations and enabling delivery acceleration via DevOps and lean delivery practices. An early adopter of DevOps practices including infrastructure as code and containerization, John offers a rare mix of theory and practice backed by very public, real-world experience. John has a long history of helping to influence diverse enterprises with their technology transformations. As a strategic advisor at Liatrio, he will share his expertise with Liatrio's enterprise clients to help them clearly visualize, define, and then execute their desired transformational vision.

I started Liatrio because I believe enterprise consulting needed a shakeup. Enterprises regularly cede expertise and responsibility to large contracting firms, which have little incentive to improve enterprise delivery or uplift the enterprise teams they support. I truly felt that it had become a race to the bottom, and enterprises needed a way out. Liatrio is a different kind of “un-consulting firm.” John makes an exceptional addition to our team and will help us drive Delivery Acceleration through DevOps and Lean Delivery Practices.

Transformation takes a long time, and few companies have the staying power to stick with the process to achieve success. In a perfect world, companies would do the work on their own, but the reality is that they need the expertise of a company like Liatrio. John Willis is joining our team because our approach and philosophies align and he respects the difficult work we’re doing. He’s really looking forward to helping enterprises execute on their DevOps technology transformations from the ground up.

Caption: Director of Engineering Casey Lee, Advisor John Willis, and Senior Consultant Eric Chapman

John will be spending time with our customers and with the Liatrio team. I am very excited about our recently announced Liatrio Ignite Labs initiative, where we will offer a unique opportunity for Engineers and Leaders to experience how to truly adopt modern, cloud native, accelerated delivery within the complexities of an Enterprise world.

Upcoming Liatrio events:

Reach out if you have any questions or if you would like your team to participate in one of our upcoming one-day Ignite Labs!

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