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Customer Story

Accelerating Azure Cloud & Cloud Native Adoption: The Assurant Story

Assurant logo on top of background image of men shaking hands

Founded in 1892

Fortune 500

14,000+ Employees

Operates in 20+ Countries

Executive Summary

Assurant, one of the largest global insurance providers, was previously unsuccessful with platform modernization efforts due to the lack of a scalable automation approach.

Liatrio was brought on to help modernize Assurant’s software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) and scale their Dojo practice. The objective was to uplift teams and individuals, and accelerate the adoption of modern platform and engineering practices.

Together we architected and designed modern application and infrastructure deployment practices, created enterprise templates for easy consumption, and upskilled 200 engineers through immersive dojos.

Liatrio Proposed & Executed: 


  • Expanded and scaled Assurant’s Dojo practice by introducing new Dojo experiences, including Flashbuilds, Workshops, and Leadership Dojos. Dojo services offerings enabled teams on modern platforms and practices like Application CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Code Quality, and Unit Testing, rapidly improving value and fast feedback 
  • Built a self-learning and knowledge base portal to achieve long-term sustainability and success.
  • Created and scaled Dojo operations around a capacity model, in order to track teams from Dojo Intake to Dojo Aftercare
  • Over 12 months, Liatrio partnered with Assurant Dojo coaches and executed
    • 17 Team Dojo experiences (Product Dojo & Flashbuilds)
    • 6 Leadership Dojo experiences, 50+ leaders
    • 200 employees successfully passed through the Dojo 

Platform Engineering

  • Delivered tailor-made SDLC standards and references for Infrastructure as Code and application deployments
  • Automated change control processes and integrated tightly with newly-created infrastructure and application deployments; implemented preliminary Automated Governance for applications and teams usage
  • Architected and designed modern application and infrastructure deployment practices and patterns, and created enterprise templates for easy consumption
  • Established database migration patterns and created reference implementation to enable application teams

Liatrio challenged us to think holistically, allowing us to solve small problems that previously became bottlenecks. This engagement enabled a DevSecOps initiative that provided us with the tools and material to expand it throughout the entire organization. — AVP, Solutions Architecture