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Customer Story

Accelerating Continuous Delivery through Engineering Enablement: The Ritchie Bros. Story

The Ritchie Bros. Logo in front of an image of one of their facilities.

~30,000 Employees


Executive Summary

Transitioning from a $1 billion company to a $4 billion company in a short span, Ritchie Bros. recognized the pivotal role of technology in driving this growth. The realization underscored an urgent need to elevate the technical capabilities of engineering teams to adopt modern development practices.

Ritchie Bros. partnered with Liatrio to enable the adoption of a new cloud-native platform. This collaboration ensured the platform was not only scalable and secure, but aligned with the company's long-term digital transformation strategy.

Through this strategic partnership, Ritchie Bros. has been able to leverage Liatrio's expertise to not only modernize its technology, but also cultivate a more innovative, agile, and efficient engineering organization.

Before our engagement with Liatrio, it took new engineers multiple days of onboarding to be able to commit code. Now they’re committing code within fifteen minutes. — Ranbir Chawla, Senior VP of Engineering, Ritchie Bros.


In this customer story you'll read about:

  • The challenges that came to light as Ritchie Bros. began to modernize.
  • How Ritchie Bros. leveraged Liatrio's enterprise expertise in platform engineering, cloud-native modernization, and enhancing developer experience.
  • Technical accomplishments, key milestones, and collaborative success.
  • Business outcomes and legacy system transformation.