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Ahmed Alsabag

Ahmed Alsabag joined Liatrio as a Devops Engineer in 2018. He is responsible for building, shipping, and maintaining core infrastructure, building out extensible jenkins pipelines, and designing architecture for microservices running on kubernetes.

Hailing from Omdurman, Sudan, Ahmed began his career at the University of Texas where he studied Computer Science with a focus on information security. Then after entering the financial payments space, he broke into automation and the DevOps field developing primarily in Chef and Java.

He values simplicity over complexity, self-criticism, and most importantly self-improvement as he believes they are the most important qualities in the computer science space.

Outside of work, Ahmed has a passion for all sports including basketball, soccer, baseball, and F1 as well as anything family related. He enjoys reading all types of novels, playing baduk, and eating pizza.

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