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At Liatrio, we're excited to share our knowledge with the community, but we respect our team members' privacy. The consultant who authored this post would prefer to remain anonymous, however, let us tell you about our consultants in general.

Liatrio Consultants are change evangelists and are recognized leaders with a drive to accelerate delivery. Our Consultants understand and spread Liatrio’s DevOps thoughtware, point of view, and Ignite approaches to our customers. 

As Consultants, we implement solutions that will enable delivery teams to ideate, design, build, code, test, and deploy automated product delivery solutions. Liatrio Consultants are mentors, coaches, trainers, and experts who keep a pulse on the industry while continuously seeking new, improved, and innovative practices to deliver state of the art products for our clients. 

Through our work, we have been able to modernize technology in financial, healthcare, retail, consulting, and practically every industry. Liatrio Consultants are technically strong and culturally diverse.

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