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Matt Maria Cui

Matt Maria Cui joined Liatrio as an apprentice from California State University, Chico while graduating with a BS in Business Administration before receiving the invitation to join full-time as a DevOps Consultant.

Since joining Liatrio, he has contributed to the scaling efforts of Liatrio, the creation of the employee best practices, received his Professional Scrum Master Certification, and is growing his experience in agile delivery. Some of his current projects include rebranding Liatrio and developing a bootcamp course on DevOps for business students. Matt has led several tech talks at Chico State focusing on DevOps transformations and Liatrio’s contributions to the industry.

One of his values is continuous improvement, both in his professional and personal life. This drives the work that he accomplishes. He is always working to evolve his professional career by focusing his efforts on industry-leading best practices and exploring how to apply this to his daily work.

Matt has a passion for life optimization and learning productivity hacks in the health and fitness space.

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