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Grant Esparza

Grant Esparza joined Liatrio as an apprentice from California State University, Chico while graduating with a BS in Computer Science before joining Liatrio as a full-time DevOps Engineer.

Since coming on board, he has contributed to building out the Kubernetes in the Enterprise Ignite Lab, received his Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certificate, delivered value to multiple clients by working alongside product teams, and gave back to the Bootcamp program by serving as a mentor.

Today, Grant continues to work with clients to design and implement solutions for enterprises looking to adopt modern SDLC practices.One of his priorities is continuous learning both professionally and personally. This helps motivate him to adopt new ways of thinking and helps drive his passion for knowledge sharing as the best way to learn is to teach.

Outside of work, Grant enjoys getting outdoors with a long run, bike ride, or hike with his dog Dwight.

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