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Liatrio is the preferred partner for GitHub Professional Services

GitHub has partnered with Liatrio to implement, deliver and extend all products, features and services for Enterprise customers.

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Our team of GitHub Certified consultants and engineers are focused on delivering industry-best implementations of all GitHub products and services.

Liatrio’s Enterprise delivery expertise is a differentiator for large, complex organizations. Our capabilities and proven results across all industries have enabled us to provide the services and support Enterprise organizations require.

Whether we are delivering standard offerings and enablement services or bespoke implementations within regulated industries, Liatrio understands the business and technology solutions required to accelerate adoption of GitHub across your organization.

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GitHub Enterprise Professional Services

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Github Advanced Security

  • Adoption, Scaling, Integration with 3rd Party Systems
  • Bespoke enablement for security and development teams
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GitHub Enterprise Source Code Migrations

  • Migration from other source control systems such as Azure DevOps, BitBucket, on-prem systems
  • Enterprise planning and program management
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GitHub Actions Pipeline Builds and Migrations

  • Collaborate to build CI/CD pipelines via GitHub Actions
  • Build custom actions for your enterprise
  • Migration to GitHub Actions from other CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, Azure DevOps, etc.
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GitHub Enterprise Org and User Automation

  • Infrastructure as code for GitHub Enterprise management
  • Custom GitHub Apps for managing and scaling Enterprise Orgs, teams, users
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About Liatrio

Liatrio is a collaborative, end-to-end Enterprise Delivery Acceleration consulting firm that helps enterprises transform the way they work. We work as boots-on-the-ground change agents, helping our clients improve their development practices, react more quickly to market shifts, and get better at delivering value from conception to deployment.